Saturday, May 16, 2009

Anadama Bread

Here is my first baked bread of the Bread Bakers Apprentice Challenge. Anadama bread is a New England favorite made with a cornmeal soaker.
I followed the recipe & made a single batch...but had enough for one 9x5 inch glass pan, 2 metal 8.5 x 4.5 inch loaf pans & 2 mini pans. I used regular cornmeal & only 1/2 the amount of molasses as that was all I had on hand...
The loaves turned out beautiful...& tasted great toasted...especially with butter, sugar & cinnamon.


  1. 3 loaves *and* 2 mini-loaves! They look delicious, Angela. First bread from the challenge and first blog post. :)
    P.S. Is that your lab/newf? We have a newf.

  2. The look fantatic! The next recipe/bread is just a yummy! Happy Baking!

  3. Beautiful loaves. You must have done a double batch eh?
    The next recipe is really tasty. Have fun and nice baking with you,

  4. Looks like your loaves got a good rise out of them. They look really good. Have fun with the Greek Celebration bread it is delicious.

  5. Awesome blog, pictures and bread! Congratulations!